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Why Am I Here?


I am starting this blog because for the past few years I have been aspiring to 1. be a better version of myself and 2. sort out my priorities. The dilemma that I have is that I look at all these great people on social media who are supposed to be inspiring and motivational and I tell myself that they are a bunch of fakes who just want to get as many followers as possible to be famous. This mindset could not be further from the truth. The reason I couldn’t grasp on to these posts was because it was just some pictures and words on a screen. What I mean is that you can not feel a post( or at least I can’t). The actual sight, smell, taste, sound and feeling of an overall experience is what makes for happiness and a memory that lasts forever. I have to be personally involved for it to impact my life, whatever “it” is. In this blog I will not only show you my experiences but also challenge you to explore the life YOU are living because no one can live it for you. I want you to be a challenge conqueror and get the most out of your life by enjoying the simple things. Be a #ChallengeChic


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